Welcome to Wild Side Biker Stuff & Apparel!!! We officially opened our doors December 17, 2012…not the prime time for opening a motorcycle apparel store…but, things happen exactly the way they are supposed to…right?!?! Watch the site for our official Grand Opening when the weather warms up some!

Find us at 3609 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Suite 31. Colorado Springs, CO 80918.
Phone: 719-344-9371
Fax: 719-344-9492
Email: wildsidebikerstuff@yahoo.com

We offer Milwaukee Boots and Leather Apparel, Interstate, UNIK and others. We offer TekNic Sports Bike Gear for ordering. Leather Coats, Chaps, Vests and more!!! We have some FUN new textile riding gear for the upcoming spring/summer riding, quite a few with protective armour! We offer exceptional quality in leather and accessories without the high cost that you find at the dealerships. We have sizes Juniors to Fuller Figure for the gals and all sizes to Big and Big/Tall for the guys!! Not only is leather so we look COOL, it is about protection…we want to offer the best that is available and save our customer money! We have a dear friend who makes custom Chaps to fit exactly…the quality is beyond anything else you will ever see! We carry a patented glove that is durable and comfortable…different from any riding glove you have ever had on your hands! We are carrying “half-chaps”…come and check them out…in the summer riding season they are the way to go!

We ride, we love to ride…did I mention…WE LOVE TO RIDE!!!

We have jewelry at prices you will find hard to believe! Patches…Belts…Gloves…Headwear…Socks…if we don’t have it…we are happy to try and find what you are looking for and order it!!!

We make custom T-Shirts…on site. Stop in and check out the “Naughty T-Shirt Room,” if you have an image or a saying you want on a T-shirt bring it in, or email it to us at wildsidebikerstuff@yahoo.com and we will look at the image and let you know if we can put it on a shirt (some images do not work well)! We have LOTS and LOTS of shirt ideas (some naughty…some not)…you tell us what size and color T-shirt you want, we put the image on it…we can customize, we can create something unique…all while you wait.

Every Saturday…Joette is here at the shop to sew. She expertly sews on basic patches for $5 and does it while you wait. She can repair/replace zippers, linings, snaps…you name it! If you have a question about any repair, Joette can help!

We want to thank all our friends and family for their support…it means the world to us! We look forward to meeting new friends along the way! Thanks and love…Cody and Michelle Christensen